Cool App: Gojee Food

Gojee Food app

Although I’m a skinny guy, I must confess that I like to eat. A lot. Looking at me you wouldn’t say that, but trust me, I like to eat and also, to cook. I’m not into soups, but anything else….just bring it on. Add to that some beautiful photos of the cooked food and there […]

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Free PSD: Flat website pagination

Flat website pagination PSD

To be honest, I don’t really like this new trending in web design, to make all flat, but on the other hand, I am a fan of simplicity and this is exactly what flat means: simple, yet somehow beautiful. So this new freebie comes just in time to help you with any project that you […]

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Facebook Home is here

Facebook Home

Facebook did it again and announced “Facebook Home” which is not really a new operating system for a phone or a new version of Android. It is more like a new launcher for your phone, a new customized launcher that will transform your Android phone into a new social device that looks pretty good. And […]

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Free PSD: App Store download buttons

App Store buttons

When I started to design the new website, I wanted to have some cool and a little bit classy App Store Download buttons. So I started to look for some and I found lots and lots of great buttons out there. But then I started to think that if I just take a button […]

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Get inspired #3

Get Inspired 3

This post is part of “Get inspired” article series where I just wanna show you some of the coolest design stuff that I have found on the internet, so here goes: If you also want to contribute to future posts, please contact me using the subject “Get inspired” or something similar. If you do so, […]

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